Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Little Brother Now

This is how my little brother looks now after almost 7 months of going in and out of the hospital.
He lost lots of pounds and his hair are one by one falling apart..

We transferred him in one of the government hospital here in Philippines. My mama said, he is charge free on his stay on the hospital, doctors fee, and some medicines that are available. However, if there were no medicines available, my parents has to buy it outside drugstores. And if there's no money, my brother just took the pain by himself.

It happened most of the time because there were so many cancer children on the hospital. Some make beds outside the door. And the government has to be fair in each of them. I assumed the government funds are not enough to provide the expensive medicines each patients need.

Many says, almost everyday one cancer patient dies.. and almost everyday another new patient comes.

Nobody wants to get sick or have his loved ones on that situation. It breaks our hearts but we do not hold what tomorrow brings. A prayer for giving my little brother a normal life... a healthy life and then laugh and sing with us....... seems impossible.

Still we want to do and give what ever we can.

My faith faints slowly. Yet somehow I know, better things will come. I just now pray, that whatever happens, we may all dedicate to God lightly.

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